Friday, June 29, 2012

Kingsbrae Gardens – Another Visit to St.Andrews by-the-sea

We had left Campobello with the 9.00am ferry. The sea was quiet as a bathtub and we could even see a small whale come up to the surface.
Kingsbrae Gardens, located in St.Andrews By-The-Sea, New Brunswick, is a horticultural garden rather than a botanical one.

The main difference is that Kingsbrae Garden is a feast for the eyes with wonderful display and themed gardens, as well as being educational; botanical gardens are generally parks with collections of individual specimens of each variety of plant, with education and cataloguing the primary function. At Kingsbrae Garden you will find most varieties labelled, at least once, but as there are masses of some varieties, not every plant is labelled. You might think of a botanical garden as a living encyclopaedia, whereas Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden might be likened to an enormous and beautiful coffee table book, offering glorious images with every turn of the page.

Garden Map

Kingsbrae Garden celebrates St. Andrews’ heritage of fine gardens with its use of old and new gardening styles. Visitors will find these great traditions in gardening in the White, Rose, Knot, Perennial and Cottage Gardens, to name but a few. Newer styles are reflected in the Gravel, Edible, Secret and Ornamental Grass gardens.
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  1. We have enjoyed visiting several botanical gardens but don't believe we would know the difference if it were a horticultural garden. They are all beautiful and especially during blooming season. Looks like mostly good weather was on your side.


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