Sunday, June 10, 2012

Molly has been naughty and picked up an Odour and Bea painted the Hallway

I noticed a very “maritime” odour when we were back in the car, leaving the beach. At first I thought it was coming from outside. But the odour was still there when we got home and it even got into the house. Of course our suspicions were on Molly. And sure enough it was her. She must have been rolling in some yucky stuff on the beach without me noticing it.
Since women “can handle bad odours a lot better” than we men, Bea broke out the garden hose and the dog shampoo and got Molly a real wash on her neck.
However, it became pretty clear that the odour of an old oily seal stayed with us. So after another investigation Bea found that some gluey stuff was also hanging UNDER her throat. So this means another clean-up action. That is especially important since arrangements have been made to let Molly enjoy the day tomorrow with our friends, as we will be having another 350-mile drive to the Village of Bath,NB to finally pick up our Chevy Express van.

DSC_0004-mi DSC_0016A-mi

Bea has been busy with painting parts of the upper hallway and a ceiling over the staircase. I did spend some time in my shop making small moldings to put up in the hallway. I will post pictures of it when it is all done.DSC_0018-miA look into our vehicles recommended an action with the shop-vac. There was about 20 pounds of dirt on the floor and around the seats and it just wasn’t nice anymore. A cleaning of the dash and door panels followed.

After that I had to reward myself by taking the LTD on a drive. I wanted to see whether I could find the place where Peggy and Harold had their house.
Guided by their red pickup I found their driveway alright, and Peggy just emerged from a little garden shed. Big smiles all over and then I got to meet the Kays, an RVing couple from Ohio, who is going to spend the summer on Campobello. And what better spot could they find than this island? They have parked their Class C on Peggy’s and Harold’s property, which offers a stunning view across the water.

Today’s weather has been of the sort that one moment it makes you think you need a sweater or a jacket to go out, just to let the sun out the next moment and you wish you were in your “California outfit”.  UNPREDICTABLE!
But we find comfort in knowing it wouldn’t snow.

Snow is seemingly still in the air where our fellow RVer “
” is staying in Oregon, where he is spending quality time as a camp host. It sounds weird, but he has posted pictures of it, so we better believe him. Maybe next year he will try camp-hosting on this side of the continent. :-)) At least it won’t snow!

And we got another follower again. Welcome to the wonders of RVing “Deb C”.

And that’s all for this Sunday. We might be knocked-out tomorrow evening and I might not put up  a posting before Tuesday. So lets hope I’ll see you then again. Meanwhile thanks for coming by and spending a few minutes of your precious Sunday here in American-Traveler blogland.

DSC_0055-mi DSC_0046-mi

I will be sitting right here by our blooming hawthorn on our upper deck, enjoying the evening sun and the grand view.


  1. She may stink but she's still beautiful. And what dog could resist an old oily smelly seal. Our beagle loved deer poop. Sure hoping we don't run into snow as we move up into Montana tomorrow. But I think the weather is supposed to be not too bad. Hope you have lots of sunshine out your way.

  2. Molly may have been naughty but she sure is a sweetie. Snow in Oregon? Where in the world is Jimbo that he's having snow in Oregon?

  3. Dog can sure get into the darndest things. Enjoy your trip to Bath.

  4. shes gorgeous no matter what she smells like....a good bath then a spray with 'regular brownish listerine' wait 15 mins and hose for all odours...magic! Safe drive today!! Hope to see you folks sometime over the summer

  5. We really have to keep a close eye on our dogs at the beach too. Rylie, in particular, loves to roll around in seaweed. Have a great trip!


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