Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow,,,they are still fooling around

DSC_0070-miIf you get your vehicle to a dealership for repair you would expect that these guys know what they are doing, right?

So did I.

But I had to learn different. This afternoon an email rolled in informing me that the van was still at the repair shop (A GM dealership). They had found the reason why the Traction Control didn’t work and it wasn’t the button only. They had replaced some part on ONE side of the van, but then found out the other side was faulty as well. A new parts order was made and another day will go by.
Meanwhile I am sitting here on a pot of hot coals and can’t plan anything. I have let those clowns know that if the van ain’t ready by Monday I’m doing some serious cross-border shopping and that would mean the end of the deal with the Village of Bath.
Instead of tomorrow traveling north to Bath I will be going south to pick up our brochures from the printer. Gotta do something to move forward.

Friday and Saturday we will have guests for coffee/supper as the blogger is finally entering the club of the 60+ year olds. Geez… that scares me. Really!
I think I had my 50th just yesterday. 
When I was young I was always thinking that those old-timers who wanted to be young again were just some romantic fools.  Mom was just sixty when we got married. She is gone and I’m sixty now.

But what the heck it might not be so bad to be an “older gentleman”. In a few years I might even qualify for seniors rebate some odd places.

Weather turned grey, as what the weather frogs called, “a sliver of rain” was moving up from Maine. That “sliver” seemed to be a quite large area of dark clouds. But at least there was some sunshine in the morning.

The outlook for tomorrow should include some sunshine and  temps should rise to the enormous level of 71F.

So take care my friend, have a good day and maybe there are different news tomorrow.


  1. Happy 60th! You're only as old as you feel, and I feel way older than I really am. Your sure look like a young 60. :)

  2. I've got you buy a few year too - I'm looking at 70 in a few years, wowza!!

  3. Believe me, 60 isn't so bad. But looking towards those 70's are scary. Then I look at Jim and think well maybe the 70's aren't so bad after all. Hang in there.


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