Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thunder Clouds over Campobello

 We don’t have thunderstorms out here too often , but today something was building up in the north-west. The clouds turned really dark and at first we just got a few cloud bursts.
But then the first thunder rolled around up in the sky. I was still working in my shop when Molly came in, sitting down right beside me and giving me the “please-rescue-me” face, Our dog is absolutely afraid of thunder and she can notice a thunderstorm coming in, long time before we do.

We got several short cloud bursts with thunder over supper and the water was rushing from the roof and over the top of the gutter. A curtain of water was splashing down.
But you know what? Thunderstorms make for nice pictures.



DSC_0156-mi     View over Herring Cove from the Golf Club          



  1. We very rarely get thunderstorms here on Vancouver Island so thanks for posting those photos - nice shots!

  2. great photos Peter!!!..hope Molly was okay after the storm passed!!

  3. I love to take pictures of storm clouds and have a file full of them. I don't like thunder and lightning either so I can have empathy with Molly! I'm glad we don't get to many of them here in Milwaukie, Oregon

  4. The south really has their thunderstorms. There is a huge difference. One thing for certain is that you are right, thunder storms do make great pictures. You had some great ones.


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