Monday, June 18, 2012

More bureaucracy and the whale is gone

I could ask you whether you want the good news or the bad one first, but then it doesn’t really matter.
So I’ll start with the first part of today’s headline, the bureaucracy.
Remember last weeks ordeal with the registration of the van? Well, today we got another volume of it. Not about the registration, but the insurance matter.
When making an application for a motor carrier license to the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board one has to prove that one has insurance. The board has “created” form MC110 for that purpose. We submitted that form stamped and signed by the insurance company at the time with our application.

                     Sugarloaf Rock

Since the final permit will not come through before July 03 we need a temporary permit which has been promised to us if insurance and registration is submitted to the board. As I have both, I submitted both documents today.
The resulting email I got back is so horrendously dumb that I lost my speech for a moment. Not only is the guy asking for the very same form MC110 again, but he also remarks that the insurance slip I submitted has the last part of the name obscured. Now it is true that the printer does not handle long names very well, so the last part of “Campobello Sightseeing behind my name is hardly readable. However, if the guy had bothered to check the VIN on the registration and the insurance document he would have found that the numbers are matching. But I guess that takes too much of a lawyers brain to find out about.
             View platform on Bay of Fundy
Did somebody out there just say that it is hard to keep a respect for bureaucrats? Interestingly there were no remarks re. the registration document. Now, does that mean it is accepted?? 

Oh my…

Aah… I’m feeling a lot better now. I was down at the beach yesterday and found out that the stinkin’ stranded blubber mount is gone. They buried it. Right there! I have no idea who did it and how they got the equipment along. But good thing is that it is gone.

                                    This is where the Whale was buried
This afternoon Bea and I went on a rehearsal tour with our van. Checked the timing, the interpretation and even the driving route got changed a bit. Two people think better than one. And if the wife is the other thinking part everything should be just fine. Had ourselves a very nice day with no clouds anywhere. That makes me forget even……Ok I won’t mention it anymore.
                       Sunsweep point 

I’m done.

Tomorrow we’ll have another rehearsal. Quality is our mission.

Thanks for stopping by again.


  1. It seems that the main virtue to start a business in your area is patience. I'm afraid I would have given up already.

  2. Well good luck. Too late to back out now. I wouldn't have the patience either.
    I get regular emails from our home city of Burlington, Ontario. You wouldn't believe some of the stupidity that has been going on there. City managers and staff that don't know their butt holes from holes in the ground. Unfortunately, the people in council (whom we elect or turf out according to how they perform) are relying on these bozos to try and get done what we want done. Gah!!
    This is one of those instances when I think I would prefer the American way of doing things. EVERYONE is up for election every four years. You don't do your job as "reeve" or whatever? Yer out!

  3. I hate dealing with such nonsense. I too would have given up and told them to stuff it. But I am hoping everything really turns out for you. Glad the whale is gone. Sure wouldn't want to go to the beach with him stinking everything up.


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