Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Grand Day

 After yesterday’s “adventures” we had a Grand Day. It was the day when we came together with our wonderful neighbours for celebrating several things.
DSC_0043-mi    Lubec, early in the morning
Firstly there was my 60th birthday for which I received congrats from the blog community and thank you all for that. The second good reason was our 25th wedding anniversary which we had on May 30. The third reason was that we on the very same day had been 10 years in Canada, and finally the 4th reason was our neighbours 50th wedding anniversary!!
It is not often that so many occasions fall into the same very short amount of time between friends.
Bea spent most of her day in the kitchen preparing food and making cakes. And I say a huge, huge thank you Bea for all your work. When I first wanted to help I was  cordially ordered out of the kitchen. That gave me some time on my hands which I used to remove bug splatters on the front of the van, plus that I had to participate in a meeting of the Tourism Association at the Roosevelt Park.

DSC_0102-mi     Little bus and big bus
When I got back it was already early afternoon and I started to arrange tables and chairs on our porch. We had a wonderful sunny Saturday and we would all be seated outside. At 4pm the first guests arrived, loaded with food. Pretty soon we were all together and were seated around the table.

DSC_0111-mi  DSC_0110-mi
I started the BBQ and we made shish kebab and small hamburgers. Nice sweet corn was roasted and appetizing smells wafted along the porch.
DSC_0107-mi Potato salad, devils eggs, black bean salad, veggies with dip, chips, dinner rolls – it was all there.
A lively conversation started and everybody had a great time. When we were done with supper we started on the cakes. Man – those cakes were just like a dream. Birthday inscriptions were made out in German, Norwegian and English. Guess my dear neighbour Deanna wanted to be sure that I could read her congrats. Besides of the birthday cake she had also made silver and golden cup cakes for us two wedding anniversary couples. Thank You Deanna. You have made absolutely delicious cakes.
DSC_0116-mi  DSC_0101-mi
Note the maritime motive to the left                                         And this was Bea’s Cherry Cake
with international inscriptions 
After 4 hours our guests began to go home. Needless to say we are having “tons” of food and cake left. So if you are happening to be in the neighbourhood tomorrow. PLEASE come and help us with eating the good stuff.
The party goes on….

And that’s how happy YOU gonna look if you come


  1. Happy Birthday, Peter. It looks like you had an absolutely great day!!

  2. Happy Birthday dear friend. Sure wish we were coming your way to help you out with that cake.

  3. Happy Birthday, Peter. Sure wish I could reach through this computer screen to sample some of your birthday cake - it looks delicious.

  4. happy Birthday Peter and a belated happy anniversary too!..sounds like it was a day filled with celebrations!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Happy anniversary, looks like a great party, and always lots leftovers. Wish we were as close as the Hot Springs where we met, could help you out with that extra cake!

  6. You have had many Happy occasions lately. Birthday, anniversary....just living! Hope your birthday's to come are a good as yesterdays.


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