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Monday, December 5, 2011

Urgent Warning!

We have received the following email. We have visited Belle Starr last spring on her ranch in Southern Arizona and know that Belle would never send emails like this or ask for money. Belle would not be able to travel to Cairo as she uses a scooter to get around. THIS EMAIL IS A SCAM, done by somebody who has hi-jacked Belle's address book on her computer. 

We had knowledge to this type of emails and have notified Belle Starr about what's going on.

How are you doing ?. I'm sorry for this odd request because it might
get to you too urgent but it's because of the situation of things
right now . Presently, I'm in bad mood. I had an trip to Cairo, Egypt
4 days ago for a Project . It was an urgent trip which i couldn't
inform anyone.. I really want to confide in you and I want it to
remain confidential between us . Also, i am sorry if this sound
embarrassing to you, but i had no choice than to send this mail to you
I'm stuck in serious mess here in Cairo . I was attacked on my way to
the hotel I lodged yesterday, although I wasn't hurt because I
complied immediately with their instructions.It was really a sad
experience. They stole my cell phone,my credit cards and all the money
with me were taken by them. I have reported the case to the Police.
Also, I mailed my bank for a wire transfer but it has proven almost
Impossible to operate my account from here as they made me understand
international transactions take 4 working days to be effective which i
can't wait. I contacted the embassy here to help me out but it will
take some time to get back to me. I urgently need your financial
assistance of sum $2150 usd, to sort-out some bills and get myself
back home. I will appreciate any amount you can afford to help and I
promise I will pay you back upon my return, check (
for a local outlet near to you, go there and wire the money. use my
below details to complete the transfer

The details below will be needed for the transfer ...

Belle Starr
116, Mahmoud Hafez Street
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Zip Code: 11361

Sender Full Name :
Reference Number :
Total Amount Sent :

You will have to email me the money transfer details ,The sender full
name, The exact amount sent on the receipt after you effect the

Please get back to me via email as soon as you can. My access to the
internet is very limited. So i will appreciated if you can just send
me the transfer details in your next reply ..
Many Thanks in Advance.

Belle Starr


  1. Just received an e-mail from Harvest Hosts telling us that Belle has even had to stop allowing people to park at her place through their program for now. What a mess this must have created for her.

  2. wow what a shame...thats terrible -and I have seen this same email before (name different and location different)...there are some idiots out there..and they don't even have good english...sadly you can't cure stupid..sure wish we could invent a 'cure stupid pill'...we'd be filthy rich...take care

  3. I also received the same email. I ignored it knowing Belle's situation. I did check Belle's blog and found it to be quite different then when we were all there helping her with her outbuilding.


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