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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Canal
It is the longest (85miles) irrigation canal in the world. It is called the All-American Canal. I am not sure whether this name was chosen to insult the Mexicans or what else the meaning was. Fact is: the western most branch runs right besides the BLM-area where we are camped. Unlike the stretch which runs across the Imperial Sand Dunes which was lined with concrete over the previous years, the piece up here actually looks more like a natural river. Whereever there is water, vegetation grows up and tall trees have grown in patches along the canal. The picture below was taken by Expedition 19 from the International Space Station.
All-American Canal

The canal carries 26,155 cubic feet of water pr.second westwards from the Colorado River. It serves 9 cities including San Diego and irrigates more than 500,000 acres of agricultural fields.


The Harvest: Tons of hay

An old wooden bridge

Unfortunately, it has also turned out to be the most dangerous water body in the U.S. Over 550 people, mostly illegal border crossers, have already drowned in it.  Every year, several vehicles are ending up in the canal.

This morning I went along the canal and took a couple of shots.
Irrigating the fields

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