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Friday, December 30, 2011

Time Zones
Looking at yesterday's blog, I see today's date on top of it. (now it has moved on top of this posting) Time Zones are the reason for it. I worked on it last evening and by that time Blogger had already changed the date. Or has it something to do with the time zone, my computer is set to?  Nope, my laptop is set to Pacific Time. Gotto be at Blogger where that happens. It's just so that most of the days's happenings happen to be at my knowledge by the evening. It's about the same as to say "You shouldn't praise the day before the evening". You've heard that before, right?
Kofa Mountains between Yuma and Quartzsite

Got an email from my brother again. He has had a bad day.
Going down a German Highway there happens to be an accident with a car about 300ft in front of him. That one was about to make a left turn, causing the following vehicle to make a full brake-up. The next was so close that he wanted to avoid to run into the stopped vehicle and turned into the left lane where it came to a frontal collision with an oncoming car. 
They have a speed limit of 50mph there, but most people make it 60mph, so go figure. 
Anyway, brother stops and helps other people dragging the injured out of their smashed cars. Luckily nobody died, but all three persons had severe injuries. A chopper arrives and lots of ambulances and police around.

Brother says 30 minutes later he got the big jitter. I would have too.

And what have we been doing?

Yesterday we had a phone call that my eye-glasses had arrived at the Optometrist in Algodones,Mexico. So this morning we were up early and were heading out on I-8.
Alas, after parking the car for $5.00 at the border it turned out that they had forgotten to put the anti-glare on the glasses. So our trip was done for no good reason. Anyway, we continued to downtown Yuma and had lunch at Steiners European Deli Market where we enjoyed a very rich sandwich with "Leberkäse". God, was that good!
Then off to the Super Fuels Station to get our two propane tanks filled. Of course there was a line-up again, but I stood out with that. 

When going "to town", I have a tendency to stick to whatever I had set out to do, while Bea could easily veer off and use the day for some none-topic shopping, which is fine with me, but only if I'm not involved in that. I guess that's why wifes should have their own day to go do whatever they like. To me shopping is a total waste of time.

Don't shop until you drop!

Thanks for visiting!

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