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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Internet in the Desert
Modern communications are something most RV'ers won't be without for an extended time. Where ever we go or stay we want to be in contact with family, friends and last but not least our fellow bloggers in Blog Land.

For traveling times we use a Verizon MIFI device which even has worked while driving down the highway. We are on a 5GB-plan, for $59.00/month which normally is sufficient for our needs. However, here on the BLM-area between Brawley, El Centro and Yuma we have a different solution. We subscribe to a service, provided by BEAMSPEED, which sends an internet signal across the desert. A modem, mounted on a pole, picks up the signal and sends it to our router, which in turn can be picked up by us and our friends, parked beside us. This service is unlimited use of internet and has, at the highest speed, a price of $70.00/month. It has been a good service, until we recently experienced a peculiar problem, and it started with those freezing cold mornings we've had. Getting our power via an inverter from the battery, we shut off the power when going to bed, then switch it back on in the morning.

That is, when the router does not get a signal from the modem. When I called the company this morning we hard-wired the computer with the modem and there was still no signal. The modem was dead, even though it had power.

An hour later, the sun had been warming up the air, the connection came back and everything worked to the best.
However, I bet tomorrow morning there will be the same problem again. What's going on??

In order to get our minds of these trivial little problems we are headed for a high-school Christmas concert in El Centro this evening. 

And tomorrow? Oh-boy I gonna see that dentist again. Sigh....

We welcome "trainman" as a new follower today.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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  1. It is a new world when internet in the desert is expected as a matter of course. I am glad that I live in that world:)


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