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Friday, December 30, 2011

The big Internet Search
Today, we were spending hours and hours on the internet, searching for the best solution for Bea's flight to Germany this spring. Bea needs to visit her mother and maybe see my family as well. At around noon we had found out that we won't get anything under $900.00. Fuel surcharges must take the blame for the higher than normal prices. 
So then the question was should she fly from Arizona or after we get back to Maine? Since prices are getting even higher in April we decided to book from Phoenix during the 1.week of March. While Bea will be in Germany I will stay around somewhere not too far away from the city for 2 weeks. I will see to discover the area south east of Safford,AZ.
From our Christmas gathering
There isn't much more to say so I better shut up before you are yawning. You ARE already yawning? Ouch!

By then!

Don't get cold!


  1. March is still cold in Germany but much better than NOW.
    We were stationed in Frankfurt for 4 years and had a chance to tour the beautiful country and the surrounding countries.
    Bee,have a great trip.
    Where are your family located?

  2. I'm only yawning from long travel days this week..not from your blog :)...sure will be glad when we arrive at our destination...

  3. Peter - I would love it if you guy would drive up for a day. We will be here until we leave on the 7th. My e-mail is sdjdixon@gmail. Send me a note and I'll send you my phone number. And I'm yawning simply because this week has just not been stress free. But today I get to just sit in the desert sun.


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