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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some are rolling down the road
Had the pleasure of reading Elaine's blog, E&R's Travels, today. They have left New Brunswick and are rolling southward in "Ossumer", their new Motor Home. It seems they have experienced "cool" temps underway as Elaine got cold on her legs. We have experienced the very same problem in our MH, and of course we are wondering why MH-Manufacturers haven't managed to put a usable strong heating system into their vehicles. Afterall nobody freezes in a Greyhound Buss when going down the road. If a Greyhound can have an efficient heating system why can't a MH have it? 
We have actually purchased an electric fan to put on the floor in front of the dash. Of course we have to let the genny run, which adds to the already poor fuel mileage these big rigs have.

But that is nothing compared to what Mike and Janna have experienced last night, Somebody messed with their Jeep!
Out here in desert land the day was a quiet one with temps climbing up to the mid-seventies. (F) And after a row of colder days that feels really well. Could sun-tan myself this afternoon. We took a dip in the hot pool, which was newly cleaned this morning. The Hot Spring is one of the main reasons for us to come here. It resembles a small oasis and is shielded from the Interstate by huge palm trees.

We have also noticed new rigs coming in. These are often those who have spent Christmas with their families before heading south for the winter.

Again new followers have joined up. Welcome Mike and Dee and BJ!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Lovin' the warmer weather that is moving through. You could send us those 70's though and that would make me even happier.


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