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Friday, December 16, 2011

Peter makes a Cheese Cake and we go to the Mariachi
As far as I have a memory of my own being, I have been a lover of cakes. In our family, baking was a necessity. EVERYONE loved cakes and every day at 3:30pm Dad would have a break and sit down with his family to enjoy coffee and cake. So with that background, I became a vivid baker myself, with myself eating the most. Haha..

So yesterday I decided it would be a good time to make a cheese cake. Since i made the last one with FAT creme cheese, resulting in Bea's complaints (she thinks she is on a diet) this one had to be made with low-fat yoghurt and low fat sour-creme. I baked the bottom, then filling up with the cheese-stuff, which was made up with gelatine. After cooling in the fridge I added a top layer of nice and brightly red Strawberry JELLO. Voila - there it was and we could invite our friends for a bite.

Friends had also tickets for the great Mariachi evening at the Palmer Auditorium in Brawley,CA. So at 7:00pm we were seated there, ready to be swept of our feet by the 16-member MIXTECO band which also has a dance group of it's own.

What can I say, but that the performance was ravaging and outstanding. The rythm and speed, the precision with which they played, the movement, the costumes --- it was all marvelous. This type of music gets into your bones, makes you think you are deep, deep down in Old Mexico.

What a great entertainment. I have to dish out another slice of cheese cake to those friends who got the tickets.

My brother sent me the following little poem about Christmas. If you understand a little wee bit of German and likewise English you might enjoy this: 

Merry Christmas allerseits
By Udo Jürgens

When the snow falls wunderbar
And the children happy are,
When the Glatteis on the street,
And we all a Glühwein need,
Then you know, es ist soweit:
She is here, the Weihnachtszeit

Every Parkhaus ist besetzt,
Weil die people fahren jetzt
All to Kaufhof, Mediamarkt,
Kriegen nearly Herzinfarkt.
Shopping hirnverbrannte things
And the Christmasglocke rings.

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas,
Hear the music, see the lights,
Frohe Weihnacht, Frohe Weihnacht,
Merry Christmas allerseits.

Mother in the kitchen bakes
Schoko-, Nuss- and Mandelkeks
Daddy in the Nebenraum
Schmücks a Riesen-Weihnachtsbaum
He is hanging auf the balls,
Then he from the Leiter falls.

Finally the Kinderlein
To the Zimmer kommen rein
And es sings the family
Schauerlich: "Oh, Christmastree!" 
And ein jeder in the house
Is packing die Geschenke aus.

Mama finds unter the Tanne
Eine brandnew Teflon-Pfanne,
Papa gets a Schlips and Socken,
Everybody does frohlocken.
President speaks in TV,
All arround is Harmonie.

Bis mother in the kitchen runs:
Im Ofen burns the Weihnachtsgans.

And so comes die Feuerwehr
With Tatü, tata daher,
And they bring a long, long Schlauch
An a long, long Leiter auch.
And they schrei - "Wasser marsch!",
Christmas is now ganz im  - Eimer.

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas,
Hear the music, see the lights,
Frohe Weihnacht, Frohe Weihnacht,
Merry Christmas allerseits.

Hopefully the above is not gonna happen to you!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You really got some beautiful pictures of those gorgeous dresses.

  2. Nice dresses, but I like the cheese cake best:)

  3. Couldn't help but notice the Don Pancho in the table. That is what I have for an evening drink. Tastes just the same as Kahlua but so much cheaper. Glad you were able to get a taste of beautiful Mexico, the dancers look so colourful.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Rick and I love Mariachi got excellent colourful....thanks for sharing...


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