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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A cool week ahead
We are at the beginning of a cool week with temps topping out at 69F. Over the years there have always been periods like this. We are also having  higher wind speeds, making a stay outside even cooler. But if we compare with northern and eastern Arizona we are still the fortunate ones, as Flagstaff and the mountains got snow while night temps in south-eastern Arizona will drop below freezing.

That is not to say we do not enjoy being down here. We are still enjoying very sunny days and are far from temps in our home regions.

Today I have to face another visit with my Mexican dentist.
Whoa...I have just overcome a week with "surgery" pain and what's gonna happen this time?  I have "hired" Bea to come along tomorrow, just in case I am unable to drive home myself. Molly will be enjoying a day with friends in the camp and I guess I am done with that for today.

Stay safe and thanks for your prayers....huh?

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  1. We are expecting plummeting temps here tonight as well in the FL panhandle:(


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