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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ten o'clock and ready...
Just to be sure I checked the time for the big parade to begin and it appeared to be at 10am. Ho-Ho-Ho... So at 9:20 we were ready to leave camp. Took us just 30 minutes to get to downtown El Centro and we could hear the big drums approaching while still in the car.

The 66th annual Christmas Parade was well underway, but hadn't reached the intersection Main/8St yet. We found ourselves a place along the curb and put our chairs down. That parade has a habit of lasting almost 2hrs and we are not 25yrs. anymore, so we sit down, right?

And then they came: Marching bands w. adults, adolescents and kids. A few of these bands are seriously huge, probably close to 200 people. There were historic cars, clubs, associations, fire departments, police, U.S. border partrol, Sheriff's department, Highway patrol, Search and Rescue units, scouts and what not. 
In former years we have had temps in the 85'sF. during the parade, but today was a rather cool day, even though we had bright sunshine, the temps are barely reaching 65F. Coming from a much colder climate it takes a bit getting-used-to seeing a fullblown Christmas Parade in warm weather adorned by palm trees and such. And all these girls with short skirts would freeze to death up in Canada this time of the year.

You think you get something from Santa this year? Be nice! And thanks for stopping by!

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