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Monday, December 5, 2011

30 years don't seem much
Had a little chat with my brother in Germany today. Used that SKYPE-thing for it. Talked about close to an hour. Somehow we were coming in on prices, and I asked him about what the current cost for health insurance would be.
I had a figure in my head from the time I finished my education back in 1980. At that time is was about 13% of  wages paid. (that was before tax) Well, as can be expected, it had gone up and was around 19% today. Brother said my figures were more than 30 years old and that things did not stay at the same level. No Sir, everything had grown quite expensive.
more than 30 years ago
A Beemer 30 years ago
That left me to think that those 30+ years didn't really last that long. Hell, I do remember what I did 30 years ago. don't I? Some things I do remember like they have happened yesterday. Others...well may be not. In 1980 I spent about 6 months in Germany. That was good for my parents as they got to see my quite often during that time. Not so the geographical distance has grown a bit. 

30 years earlier I was a young fellow and was still graced with a lot of dark hair. Most of it has died away and the rest has kinda faded into grey. That, I take, is a sure sign of 30 years passing over my head. I also had some dangerously naive ways of thinking about life. No I won't elaborate about that. We just don't go there.

But something from those days has stayed just the way it always was: My interest of traveling. I guess I was born with it. Always had the feeling I couldn't get away fast enough. Dreamed about it since I was 14yrs old. 

Then I know some people which have never gotten out of town, or country at least. If you ask them they are happy as can be. I guess they are happy as nothing disturbs their daily way of life. Me, I am getting itchy just by hearing the names of a few far-away-destinations. There is always something more left to explore and to experience. There is something down the road....opportunities and curiosity. There is this old saying: It's my way or the highway. My way of getting down the road was the same as the highway, and highways never really stop - do they?

Have a nice next week and don't shovel snow!


  1. Hi Peter,
    I have fixed the font on my blog as you suggested,take a look and let me know what you think.
    By the way if you have Gmail you can talk for FREE all over North America,I do not know about Skype to Germany-does it coast?

  2. I know what you mean about the wander lust. I have been on the move my whole life. I have lived in many places and traveled much of the world and I still am not tired of it after all these decades of moving on:)


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