Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 My personal take on yesterday's election debate: 


It was hard to watch and it would have made sense to hit the OFF-button.

But let's look at what commentators have to say this morning. Most of which I totally agree with.

Scott Jennings: This was a hot mess

SE Cupp: The Trump line that will sicken suburban women

Van Jones: The only thing that mattered

Raul Reyes: Trump's failure to denounce White supremacy is a travesty

Sarah Isgur: The winner was a button on your TV remote control

Tara Setmayer: The contrast between Biden and Trump couldn't have been more stark

Keith Boykin: The worst debate in American history

Peter Bergen: Biden won on the most important crisis facing the US

Frida Ghitis: In horrifying debate, Trump shows why he's a threat to America

Paul Begala: Trump confirms he is the candidate who brings chaos

Nayyera Haq: Biden was the one with bite

Julian Zelizer: The huge issue that Chris Wallace, strangely, downplayed

Jessica Anderson: Unfinished business after first debate

David Gergen: A gross insult to America's voters

Lanhee J. Chen: A black eye for American democracy

Alice Stewart: The American people deserve a debate -- not a cage fight

John Avlon: First debate lacks dignity US deserves

Overall a good summary of what's wrong with America. This first debate in 2020 was not what debates should be about. It contained nothing worth to remember other than what we already knew and it didn't serve a purpose.


  1. I just could not watch the bullying and assault on what's left of our democracy. I tried but failed. So, I watched the the commentators afterward. FOX news was celebrating for some weird reason and I turned that nonsense off right away. I am beyond trying to understand the Republican party. Why would they let this idiot ruin their beliefs? I guess power is more important to them than the people. I'm pretty sure this is Trump's plan---more chaos---he can't be anything but what he is, a weak narcissistic maniac. Sadly his followers or base are the same. I have one thing left to counter act this mess---VOTE, but then that will come with more chaos thanks to Don the Con---he's a danger to our country. From a 70 yr old disgusted American voter who will be voting BLUE

  2. Just as I expected it to be. The nature of the man does not include civility or any semblance of coherent thought.

  3. I agree with all of the above. Painful and amusing to watch at the same time. Only thing to add may possibly be that Trump has increased his vocabulary (tremendous, beautiful, nasty ..... etc.) from about 10 words to app. 100 .... but still not beyond that of an 8 year old kid.

  4. There was no need for a debate as we have had four years to understand what tRump is all about and we had eight years to understand what Biden is about.I received my mail in ballot yesterday and sent it in today...they can tone down the noise now.


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