Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What Some Americans Don't Understand

Donald Trump has taken the U.S. down a dark path, and these Canadians are scared of where it leads


  1. People are stupid and will follow like sheep down a steep path. People were indoctrinated in the earliest times in history and it is still going on today. Remember the book Homer or the bible that talks about wars and discrimination. It's still going on. Probably was going on during the cave man days also. Luckily we have more 'working' folks who march to protest than rich folks who depend on the working folks to keep them going. Yep, if Trump's hotel workers all quit...he'd go bankrupt. Trump and his cronies tried to get rid of health care, now some folks call it Obamacare, but the people rose up and the industry supported them. Guess what? We the people our voice counts and it will continue to do so. Will there be a civil war? Who knows what will happen but for sure long into the future people will continue to fight amongst themselves for whatever reasons. History repeats itself over and over and over....

  2. Great article,Peter.As I've said right along,every nation has an interest in what happens in the U.S.I hope that we may be able to return to some sanity in November....Make America Mine Again.

  3. If many Canadians feel the same, better we just leave the border closed. Enjoy your winter.

    1. Definitely the majority of Canadians want the border stay closed. Better stay at home than dying of Covid-19. For us it is important to keep the peace and keep Canadians healthy.


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