Thursday, October 1, 2020

Move To Canada? I Don't Think So.

 During that horrible presidential debate (nothing was presidential there) GOOGLE reported a surge for "Move to Canada" and "How to move to Canada" searches.

Naturally, we understand why Americans start looking for better places to live, but Canada will remain out of reach for most Americans unless there is a valid job offer or an American company sends an employee to Canada to run a Canadian branch office there. (Intra-company transferee) Americans can also get married to a Canadian spouse, but that is a lengthy process to be admitted as a permanent resident. You could also enroll at a Canadian university for studies and get a student visa. Based on Canada's free universal health care and its basic pension income, the law does not allow retirees to move to Canada. 

The fact that so many Americans have been looking to move away from "The Land of the Free" is not surprising, given the problems the USA is facing. The rampant Covid-19 pandemic and general unwillingness to curb it and enforce protective rules, the political mess the country is in, and finally the resulting threat of a civil war in a divided country would have me looking for a new haven for sure. Best bet would be to stay in Canada for 180 days, then fly or drive to Mexico for another 180 days. Not a good solution if you need to have a job, but could be OK for retirees or if you work remote.

Of course, you could also go and vote the orange devil out of the White House and restore peace and civility in the US. Canadians would consider that a great service to themselves as many of us have spent the winters in your country and would most likely continue to do, once the said problems are solved. I know a lot of places in the south which would appreciate to see Canadians return for the winter.


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