Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Storm

 Storm Teddy Came upon us on Tuesday with rain and high winds, effectively ruining 2 days of our vacation. There was nothing we could do but waiting out the worst of the weather in our trailer. Of course, when you have a dog with you, it's not possible to ignore the dog's needs. So when ever there was a chance, we took Dixie outside for short walks. Luckily, the storm never got as violent as the authorities had announced it beforehand. Wind speeds never went beyond 80km/h on Prince Edward Island. We certainly got enough rain though and we discovered a small leak in the trailer at a spot along the front roof caulking. It wasn't much and I'm gonna fix it when back at home.

Today, we invited our hosts over for coffee and cake and had another round of swapping RV-stories.

Tomorrow we will take another day of PEI explorations and Friday we will be going home, as winds seem to be picking up again over the coming weekend. Wind is the enemy #1 for any RVer with a high-profile vehicle. Nothing is so annoying (and some times even dangerous) as pushing an RV through the wind.


  1. Do be careful out there!!!

  2. A windy stormy day on PEI can be exciting.The next few days are looking better.


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