Thursday, May 19, 2016

Work Progress And The Man From Darwin,Australia

With warmer days we are pursuing our working projects around the house. The North wall of the house was still in need of more sanding so I got into my old dirty work clothes and up the ladder I went.
1-DSC_0231 1-DSC_0261-001
Yesterday                                       Today
Did most of it yesterday, but finished up sanding today. The worst with this kind of job is the amount of dust. It settles on my eyeglasses on and in my ears, and my shirt changes colour. A full shower is always in order to get myself cleaned up afterwards.
Much better job is the painting. No noise, no dust, just the peace and quiet of our neighbourhood to enjoy. Yet, I had to climb up and down the ladder when I started with the white board right under the roof edge. But a good rest after a day’s work and I’m like new again.

But around 11am I had to check out what was happening down at the old Welshpool wharf.
A group of enthusiasts had managed to get public funding for constructing and installation of a floating dock. Yesterday evening we had been down by the wharf and met a guy, originally from Darwin,Australia, who was installing the floating dock.
1-DSC_0232 1-DSC_0235
One of the floats was carrying a mighty long aluminum gangway.
1-DSC_0237 1-DSC_0238 
The worker, explained that he would install the gangway the next day and if I was interested to have a look I could come down at around 11 in the morning. So, I had grabbed the NIKON and started shooting from all angles. Always fascinating to see other people working. After the excavator had arrived the last float with the gangway was moved into position to be connected with the rest of the floaters.
1-DSC_0239 1-DSC_0240
Than a strap was hooked from the bucket to the gangway and the excavator started pulling the gangway towards land, lifting it up until it was in position to be permanently connected by brackets. Great job guys!
1-DSC_0250 1-DSC_0252
1-DSC_0256 1-DSC_0257
From now on private yachts can moor at the old Welshpool Wharf.
The old wharf body itself is in poor conditions and has been closed for a long time.
Interestingly I discovered that a similar gangway was in place way back then.
However, old photos reveal that a lot of traffic has been going on there since the early days of Campobello.


  1. Nice to get that painting done and up to date. Nice floating dock and gangway.

  2. Always fascinating to see how things are actually put together to come up with a great new dock. That up and down the ladder would give my muscles something to scream about.

  3. Nice that there is a lot of stuff going on that you're keeping busy and entertained.


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