Friday, May 13, 2016

It’s Time For Working Projects

Breakfast is always an important time of the day. In my entire life I have never started a day without breakfast. Even Molly has learned to appreciate it. No wonder, cause whenever we have cooked eggs she is eager to skim off the top of the egg.  Here is how that looks:
When it comes to work projects on the home, NOW, rather than later is the way a home owner has to think. Later, I can be too busy with other things, or later the weather may turn bad.
So with another warm and nice day today I threw myself at a project I have been planning since last year. Last summer a nice neighbour came with a load of windows he had replaced at his house. While the windows needed repairs they were still good thermo-pane windows and with a bit of work would stand for another 10 years or even more. The east gable of our house had still one window needing replacement and that was my plan today. I hauled the new window into our garage to start looking it over. The lower sill showed some rotting wood, so that would have to be repaired. However, it was only the last inch or so all along which was bad. So I cut it off and put fresh wood in its place. Then everything needed to be sanded, old paint removed and repainted. I love to putter around with a project like this.
1-DSC_0183Now the window is ready to be put in. But I have to wait with this as rain is in the making for the weekend. Also I need new shingles as the new window is a tad narrower than the old one.

Bea was helping a neighbour today, so I had to watch over the greenhouse. Took a couple of pics of the inside.
Our tomato plants look really promising and I can’t wait until we can enjoy home-grown tomatoes. The watery stuff you can find at the store has no taste and I hate to buy them.

It also hit me that I had promised a picture of the finished wooden bench. Here it is, just waiting for us to sit down and enjoy the view from our porch.
While I still had some time this afternoon I hauled the garden hose down from Bea’s garden and washed our vehicles. Not that they were overly dirty but there is always some dust flying around. The white Buick and Chevrolet won’t show the dust as much as the red LTD does.
Afterwards, 1-DSC_0184I could not resist to take the LTD out for a little ride ending up at a neighbours house up the road where I had myself a chat.

Another little project popped up after supper. The “Climbing Men” had taken down a few trees and there was wood to be taken home from the cemetery. When I got there I saw that the pieces were way to big and heavy to be lifted. So I took down the tailgate and rolled the chunks on to the trailer. Filled that trailer within 30 minutes got it home and finally called it  a day.


  1. I hope my better half does not read this and reflect on my lack of project accomplishments:)

  2. We have projects too. Some we've completed, some are still on our t0-do list and I'm sure some will be postponed until next year.

  3. Always something to keep you busy and puttering around is fun.


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