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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Painted Me A Gable

In spite of a weather forecast predicting cold but sunny weather, this day turned out great. It was sunny but not cold. Temps rose into the mid-sixties, which works for me.
I decided to take advantage of the beautiful morning and work on our east-side gable, which had been standing unfinished for almost 2 years. And there is no other excuse for the delay in fixing it than me being the procrastinator. Long time readers might remember the wasp attack I was exposed to last time I had made an effort on the wall. This time I reckoned, it would be too early in the year to have wasps flying attacks on poor me.
So I put up 2 ladders, grabbed the scraper and pretty soon the paint flakes were flying all around me. Due to the many years of neglect, the paint was very loose. When I was done I jumped in the car and got some white house paint from the local hardware store in Lubec. Love that store, there is nothing they don’t have or can’t get for you. And the service is outstanding. I hate hanging around at Home Depot and not getting any help.
”Where are go heading today” was the usual question from the friendly U.S.- Customs officer lady. So I told her I need some paint from Lubec Hardware and she wished me a great day.
1-DSC_01111-DSC_0118 1-DSC_01191-DSC_0121 1-DSC_0125
Sure, this was one heck of a fine day. Everybody was in Spring mode and over the last couple of rainy days trees and bushes had pressed on with their leaf-production and many showed a slightly green shine today.

Heading back with my paint I didn’t delay and climbed the ladder again. It’s always a bit of a circus number to stand on the top balancing a can of paint in one hand reaching out with the paintbrush in the other. With no hand to hold on to the ladder one has to lean forward resting the body against the ladder. Wouldn’t this be another great reason to procrastinate the whole thing? Nah…not this time. Gotta fix it now. This was only the first coat of paint. Have to do another one maybe tomorrow.
1-DSC_0127Another paint project was standing on the porch. Last week I had sanded off our wooden bench I once had made for our 20th wedding anniversary in 2007. I painted seat and back in white while the top and frame is going to be grey. 
1-DSC_01281-DSC_01291-DSC_0130-001                        Home-made wall ornaments
While I was balancing the paint, Bea got herself busy at the dining table.
She is nurturing some sunflower babies for a neighbour and last night those little plants were assaulted by a mouse. She bit off a few of the little plants and just nicked a few others. It is typical for Bea that she has to start a rescue operation for her plant babies.
Hoping they would recover, she stuck small sticks in the soil and tied the little sunflowers to the stick. This might help to
survive. I just had to take a picture of this.

After supper I took Molly for a walk down the street when a car approached from the front. It was driving very slow and I recognized it as the car of an elderly lady from our neighbourhood. If the weather is nice she is taking her Oldsmobile for a ride every day.
Now she was looking out the window and in her strong Scottish accent she asked whether Molly would be allowed a treat. In her rear seat I saw a box of milk bones, so I agreed.
I reached in and got one. Molly got all excited about it and ate it right away on the road. How sweet of this lady to think of Molly.

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  1. Nice getting those little jobs done when the weather is so nice.


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