Saturday, May 14, 2016

“One Day In May…” Saturday Lighthouse Assignment

Weather forecast had spoken of rain today but it all stopped before 8am and the rest turned out to be a real nice spring day. So we could go ahead with the plan of going out to Head Harbour Lightstation. Low tide was going to be at 1pm so at 11am we were all gathered up at the headland ready to take the walk over the ocean floor.
Morning fog still moving along. Everything in front of the Lighthouse is covered under 26ft. of water under high tide.
Volunteers getting down one of two steel stairs to the ocean floor, making headway across slippery wet rocks.

Of course the rocks were still wet after the rain and carrying stuff with both hands it was a precarious walk across seaweeds and rocks. But we all made it over without broken limbs. We were 6 people – all volunteers. The youngest being a nice female student from Ontario who was eager to write about the history of the oldest lighthouse (1829) on the coast of New Brunswick.

So what was I going to do? 
Well, see the whole in the wall shingles? Storm damage happens every winter, and just a few days ago I had painted a supply of shingles bright red. Once I had gotten out the ladder the job was done within 40 minutes.
1-DSC_0196Finished job. Can you still see where I worked?  The new shingles are of a slightly lighter colour.

But there was more to do. Winter storms had thrown a loose bench against the old boat house and damaged the lower wall shingles. These were white and I found lots of new-painted white shingles in the Foghorn house.
But then we all gathered for lunch in the sunny lighthouse porch. Sandwiches were ready-made and coffee was in the kitchen. This lighthouse is no empty shell but has all comforts of today’s living. Nothing so wonderful than being with nice people in a setting way out at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Can I ever say thanks enough for finding this unbelievable beautiful place? I doubt it. This is truly paradise!
Shortly before 3pm we all had to go back to the headland. Soon the high tide would wash above the gravel bench and cover it all with 26ft of water. A wonder of nature many don’t understand. What a great way to spend a sunny Saturday it was.
DSC_0124 IMG_7173
Home again I settled in a lawn chair enjoying a nice coffee and the great view across the water.
Bacon burgers getting ready

Supper was my business and I made small bacon burgers on the WEBER! (Hello George!) Put them on aluminum foil which keeps them from burning onto the grill. Cooked potatoes from Prince Edward Island and grated raw carrots --- yummy!

Life is good!


  1. It is a great place and the pictures make me want to head there:)

  2. Springtime in the Maratimes with PEI potatoes yum!!

  3. What a beautiful lighthouse! It's nice that everyone volunteers to keep it in such perfect condition.

  4. That looks like a fun productive day.
    Nice to see that you are using your Weber Q I don't use foil just oil the burgers and don't turn them until the juice seep through the top, and never wash the grill, Preheat on high, turn to low and close the lid.


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