Monday, May 30, 2016

The Big Island Yard Sale And A Few More Spring Pictures

Saturday was the big Island yard sale and we heard that around 30 registrants were plotted in on the map. Many people from Maine came across to see what treasures us islanders had for sale. We had set up “shop” between 8 and 9am and were still carrying stuff from the house to the bottom of our driveway when the first cars stopped with people browsing over our tables.
1-DSC_0323 1-DSC_0324 
Nice collection of teddy bears and dolls

We were not surprised to see that most of the sales came from Bea’s tomato plants. And who would complain to get healthy tomato plants for $3 each when garden nurseries on the mainland were charging the double.
One of our neighbours brought a full-fledged hot-tub to our sale and it was sold within 2 minutes for 35 Dollars. What a deal! A lot of “junk” went to new owners as well. I am wondering whether it will furnish next year’s yard sale at a different sales post.
While sales was going on Molly was patiently watching squirrels.

Weather was a bit on the cool side with some fog lingering around the island. But it all changed during the afternoon hours. The sun broke out and brought daytime highs into the low 70s. In fact, it was getting so warm that we had our supper out on the deck.
Not so warm during Sunday though, as we got some rain and wind. But summer is right around the corner now.
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The long weekend brought lots of visitors to the island. The Roosevelt Campobello International Park’s parking lot was filled up in no time and the border stations had hundreds of passports to check.

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  1. Golly a hot tub for that price?? It's a wonder you didn't snatch it up in one minute !! What a deal is right !


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