Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Death Sentence Was Executed And A Couple Of Climbing Men Came By….Our Neighbour

I was still on my laptop, my second (or was it the third..?) cup of coffee on the table when Bea came in holding a mouse trap in her hands and in it was the plant assaulting culprit, quite dead as it should be. The single sunflower seed in the trap was still there as Bea had fastened it with Gorilla Glue (!), but the mouse had taken a bite out of it – the last bite it ever took.

Day temperatures got even higher today putting me right back to my painting chore. Had to give the gable a second coat, replaced a rotten piece of wood along the roof edge and when I was done I turned to the wooden bench. Didn’t take a picture of that but I will tomorrow when it is all finished. Had a great coffee break in the sun
with a piece of my second cheesecake topped with whipped cream. Ah delicious….

When I was preparing supper I saw a couple of men with hard hats working away in our neighbours front yard. A truck with a chipper was parked along the road.
These guys had been around the island for quite some time removing trees threatening power lines in private driveways. However, I could see that this operation was not about removing the tree in the front yard but rather cutting down single branches. In order to do that one of the guys had already fastened a rope high up in the tree.
While I was watching from our kitchen window he tied some sort of a seat into the rope, and then, I could hardly believe it….hauled himself upwards using the rope.
It’s a technique derived from mountain climbers.  After only a few moments he had reached one of the stronger branches and took a seat on the branch.
His buddy was now tying a chainsaw to the rope and the fellow in the tree hauled it up and fastening it to his belt it was now dangling beside his leg. I would imagine he would be very careful in his work as he was operating only a few feet away from the power line.
1-DSC_0150While this guy was way up from the ground, his buddy mounted a long branch saw and worked on another tree from the ground. When all branches were down they took it to the chipper. It all ended up in the truck box. The entire operation didn’t last more than one hour.

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  1. I always enjoy watching these pros trim trees, and athletic workout for sure.


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