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Friday, May 27, 2016

All Plants And No Play Makes Bea So Tired.

Well, she loves it and when you love what you are doing you are not complaining. Yet you can get tired and that’s what happens to Bea some times during the afternoon.
And look at all the plants we got sitting on every available space. She has been nursing up every single one.
1-DSC_0291 1-DSC_02931-DSC_0294 1-DSC_02961-DSC_0297 1-DSC_02981-DSC_0299 1-DSC_03001-DSC_0301 1-DSC_03021-DSC_0303

And we have also spring time going on all around. Just look at all the blooming trees. Cherry trees, Apple trees, Service Berry, and even Maple trees are in full spring attire.
1-DSC_03141-DSC_0317 1-DSC_0320
Crabapple tree on a neighbouring property

Our front yard apple tree

The front flower bed – so decorative and today I saw the first lilac flowers opening up.


  1. Well, a little nap never hurt anyone. So, why not ?

  2. Gotta love all the spring blooms, so amazing.


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