Thursday, May 26, 2016


I could have said Good Morning America as it is in fact America I am seeing first thing every morning. But we all know it’s the name of a famous TV morning show. So to me it’s the world I am looking at every morning.

                       View across the Water to America

And this morning was so gloriously clear and sunny and the bay was out there, calm as the surface of a bathtub. I still light up a fire every morning to have it warm and cozy. But the fire is dying out over the day when we are outside.

Most recently, I have begun the arduous task of painting our north wall yellow. It means hours on the ladder and one coat is not enough. Gotta do it all over again a 2. time. But then I know it’s gonna be good for many years.
1-DSC_0287   Our driveway maple tree

1-DSC_02891-DSC_0290                          Our apple trees are in full bloom

Saturday an island-wide garage- and yard sale is taking place. Bea has 40 tomato plants and she will be offering most of them for sale. Neighbours are gonna bring stuff to our front yard and there will be coffee and lots of chatting going on.

Same day is the 2016 seasonal opening of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park.  Also the Provincial Campground will be open for business.

The local hotel is already filled up with guests and our first sightseeing tours are scheduled to begin soon. We are also extremely excited about this year’s new super-fast boat connection between the town of St.Andrews and Campobello Island. The distance across the water is 12 miles and it used to take 2.5hrs to drive the distance all around the US or –in the summer take a ferry to Deer Island and another ferry to the mainland. With the new boat it will just take 15 minutes on calm waters.

The operator is the company “JOLLY BREEZE” which is also into whale-watching tours with their stately tall ship. They bought the new fast boat second hand from the FBI who used it to hunt gangsters.

Jolly Breeze Zodiac 2 


  1. Gotta love this time of year, the Island yard sale will be a good. time.
    Now that new high speed boat sounds like a bonus for the Island economy.

  2. Jim wishes he could buy one of those tomato plants. Hard to find good tomatoes at the store. More good memories being made.

  3. Sounds like you have a great summer ahead of you. Love those little ferries. I'm sure it'll be full of sightseeing individuals. Enjoy the garage sale. They are fun!


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