Monday, May 16, 2016

Wicked Weather

While we had a few nice days with temps around the low 70s, it all changed on Sunday. Temps dropped, wind was blowing like it wanted to blow the whole island over to the other side of the Atlantic, and today the big news was up to 6” snow in northwestern New Brunswick.
1-Fullscreen capture 5162016 65735 PM
People got their cars deposited in the ditches along the Trans-Canada Highway. Chaos along the roads.
1-Fullscreen capture 5162016 65802 PM
Who was asking for more precipitation?
1-Fullscreen capture 5162016 65752 PM
Well, hello we got it – except on Campobello – of course, what did you think?
Well a few drops of rain here and there and a whole lot of dark clouds over the mainland was all we saw. But being outside required to pull out the Long Johns again. You know me…I can’t sit on the couch a single day without getting the work-itch.

So I bundled up and got out my sander-grinder. This time I started on the North wall of the house. The red paint was sitting fairly loose and within 90 minutes I had done a good portion of the wall. By then my hands were so cold that I needed a warm-up.
While I was sanding off this wall, a hummingbird came by drinking from the feeder. It wasn’t minding me working right beside.

Tomorrow is May 17 and Norway’s National Day. So I have located our Norwegian flag and will hang it out come hell and high water.


  1. Well, we didn't get 6", but we did get snow! Turned the world white for about two hours.

  2. What ?? Snow??? This is May. Doesn't your weatherman know that?


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