Monday, September 28, 2015

A Freighter Arrives To Eastport

I was busy with our WEBER grill preparing Italian sausages when I saw a freighter about to arrive at Eastport. He was pretty close our Canadian side of the bay before he took course right through the sunny glare towards Eastport.
Hoping for a great sunset after supper, I drove down to Friar’s Bay, but the sun disappeared behind some dark clouds. I still got a half decent picture of the illuminated sky. Met a lonely periwinkle – gathering old guy. This kind of snail gathering has been done out here for generations. Periwinkles are considered a delicacy, but I have never tried it. I kinda think that snails, frogs and other uncommon food sources should not be ending up on MY plate.


  1. We do enjoy snails and frogs legs on occasion, worth a try I think, but then again not for everybody.


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