Thursday, September 24, 2015

Operation “Apple Tree”

Finally we got the cooler but oh so comfortable days of September. With my spirits soaring I started a major project we have been talking about for a while. I started operation “Apple Tree”.
It’s probably a 100 years old, our front lawn apple tree, but it is growing into the sky and produces a huge mess every fall. Apples are worm-eaten and when they fall they need to be removed as they are an obstacle for the lawn mower and also attract a lot of wasps.
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So today it was cutting time. the biggest branches had grown way out to the side and made it difficult to get close to the tree without “crawling” along. Long shots had grown right “to heaven” and if we ever should want to spray the tree against the larvae it would have to be a lot shorter.

So this morning I got the Husqvarna saw ready for work. With a new saw chain this wouldn’t take too long.

Right and wrong!

The cutting down is done quickly but of course, I got a huge mess on the lawn. Branches, saw dust leaves and apples – it all littered the ground and needed to be removed. When Bea got home she helped picking up whatever was left on the ground.
We had no intention to take away the entire tree, but wanted to reduce it to a workable size.
The tree looks quite different now and no doubt it needs a bit fine tuning. One of the stumps has already been adorned with a flower decoration.


  1. Good job. Too bad the apples aren't any good though.

  2. Now that looks much better, maybe next year you will get some good apples.

  3. Remove the mess but save the tree-sounds like the perfect plan:)


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