Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gone Fishin’!

September is our busiest month. That’s when all the retirees are coming to Campobello and..strangely, it seems they are the only ones having any interest in learning about the places they are actually visiting. Yup, young families have no desire to “GO ON A TOUR” with a sightseeing company. But that’s fine with us. We like retirees coming, probably because we are close to retirement ourselves.  We appreciate their questions and interest in history and their open admiration and appreciation of a beautiful place.
1-DSC_0003             Coast Guard having an exercise right in our front yard

So 2 days ago, I had 6 people on a tour and we had been going to Liberty Point, which is the southern-most point of the island. It also happens to be the “coolest” spot on the island. And by “cool” I don’t mean “hip”. I really mean cool as in low temperatures.  And on that day we actually had a pretty strong wind. We were all gathered at one of the observation decks when a sudden gust blew away my cap. I tried to grab it, but it was too late. It fluttered over the rails and landed down below on a rock.  And there it was inaccessible, so in effect, I had lost my cap.

Today I got to the same spot with different people. I told the story of loosing my hat and they discovered the hat – still in the same spot down on the rocks. And they came up with an idea of a hat-rescue.

So being home again I pulled out my fishingrod and went back to Liberty Point for fishing.
I lowered the fishhook down over the rails and managed to get the hook into my hat. Then all I had to do was reeling in my catch. There wasn’t much resistence and before I knew it I held my hat in hands. It was still in perfect condition, not even dirty or wet of spending 2 nights in a hard place on the brink of the Bay of Fundy.

The entire fishing maneuver had been watched by a couple from the window of a pickup truck. When I got back to the parking lot they asked the unavoidable question. So I had to tell them about why I had been fishing up a cap from the rocks. We all got a hearty laugh out of this.

With temps reaching 84F (29C) It has been an incredibly hot day again.  When an evening breeze sprang up we all enjoyed the cooler air. And for the third day in a row we had a great sunset.  Finally, I did get some pictures out of it. (see below)
1-DSC_0031 1-DSC_0022 

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  1. Now thats was a great fish story on of the best I have herd in a long time.
    Glad you got your hat back.


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