Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend Blues

As time flies by we are in the middle of yet another weekend and it seems to me that a week is only 2 days before I am hanging the flag out front again.
But let’s start a few days prior. My initial thought (that is the beginning of this month..) was that September would bring some cooler weather, kinda like putting a little crisp in the morning air. Well, I was wrong. Hot days came back before I knew it and having more work on the home-renovation front made me run for the shower as soon as the daily work-task was finished. Gawd…could this be true? The humidity was not helping either. Heavy humid air masses were upon us with the southern winds.
Meanwhile it was bone dry on the ground and rain would have been a blessing.

Well, the rain prayers were finally heard, and we got a full Friday with about 12hrs of mostly heavy rain. It was one of those downpours which would make you scream for bigger gutters, and it flooded the city of Saint John. (happens every time)
1-DSC_1451Today it was all over and after a cloudy start, good old sun was back. But I made use of the somewhat cooler day by starting up my disc-sander to wipe off the old red paint of our east gable. And when Bea got home from work she grabbed the camera when I was up the ladder.

We finished the day by sitting on our balcony looking across the bay and watching the sun go behind some clouds.
1-DSC_1457And after sunset we watched the Eastport fireworks as the city is celebrating their annual “PIRATE DAYS”. In fact I video-taped most of it, and if I manage to make a little video sequence of it I will put it on later.
1-DSC_1470       Flight to Halifax?
We had a couple of tree-cutters visiting our road. They were looking for trees growing into the power lines and found one of our maple trees to be a suitable victim.
A short conference with Bea and before we knew it, they had a basket up cutting off branches. All the thin branches were fed into a shredder, only leaving us a small pile of firewood with the thicker parts of the tree.
Of course, now the poor tree looks terrible, especially from the road.

And that’s all for this Saturday.
Thanks for looking.

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  1. Those tree cutting companies don't know how to trim trees properly. They are butchers and it doesn't matter what regions they are in they all make the same mess.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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