Monday, September 7, 2015

Got Into Labour Mode On Labour Day

Some days I get up in the morning and I am full of energy which then needs to be put to use. So happened this morning on Labour Day.

It was time to get another window in our house replaced. Bedroom window #2 was in bad shape and once the strong eastern is startin’ to blow our curtains would stand off the wall like a sail on a sail ship under full speed.

Replacing any old windows can be a job full of surprises – mostly bad one’s.
After setting up ladders to the roof, (the window in question is on a gable above the roof of an addition) I carried all my hand tools up, stretched the extension cords, one into the garage for the saws, another on top of the roof for a drill.

But even before I started all this I took the garden hose and sprayed the whole fa├žade with water, hoping to flush out any remaining wasps and/or hornets. Turned out not a single insect showed itself. It was safe for work.
Luckily, the old window didn’t offer much resistance and within 30 minutes I had tossed the window frame down on the lawn. Now, windows are quite heavy and this one was no exception. So I leaned the new one against the ladder, tied a rope around the frame and threw the other end of the rope up on the roof. With a second ladder I clambered up and pulled as hard as I could. And the new window was now sliding up the ladder. When it reached the roof edge I grabbed it and pulled it the last bit onto the roof.
Mission accomplished.
I positioned the window in the opening and used construction foam to mount it in.

Now I had a break until the foam would harden enough to start putting outside trim all around. Time for lunch anyway.

Now I made a bread dough, and when Bea got home she put it in the oven. Bread turned out great for morning toast.

It is making the window trim which takes the most of the time. Many times up and down the ladder, to get it all right.
But before coffee time everything was finished. No more rattling windows in our bedroom!
1-DSC_1422I still have to “feed out” the cedar shingles as the new window is a bit narrower than the old ones.

Made some more ice cream this afternoon. We are getting serious symptoms of ice cream addiction, which reminds me of a conversation I once had with a Canadian border guard.
I was re-entering the island when the border guard inquired about whether I had purchased anything in the U.S.  As true was I told her I had bought ice cream. “Enjoy” was the friendly answer I received before she sent me on my way.
4 days later I went back and bought another pot of ice cream. Driving back across the bridge I get to the same female border guard. Again she asks the same question and truthfully I tell her about my new ice cream purchase. This time she laughs and says: “You are some ice cream junky”.

Yesterday I drove our convertible through the border when I saw that a drug-detection dog was on duty and all trunks had to be opened. That I had never seen before on our border crossing, so when it was my turn I shut off the engine right away and held up the keys for the officer to open the trunk.
”Nah.. “ he said “I have been in there before. Looks like a huge coffin. Get outa here”.

I was still snickering when I reached the grocery store.
Took a walk with Molly during pre-sunset, had a chat with a neighbour (I love that) and took a photo shot into our apple tree.
Even though these apples look good they don’t taste very good and they are worm-eaten.
1-DSC_1425This fall we will reduce the size of this tree drastically, as it starts to block our view from our living room.

Last task was doing this blog posting. It was a laborious Labour Day.

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  1. Nice to get that window replaced, will be much warmer there now and a lot less drafts.


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