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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Crazy Busy Saturday

I knew that we had a great day ahead of us. A boat with 29 people would be arriving from St.Andrews and I was booked for transportation of all these people, taking them on a tour of the island.
Trouble was that the island was shrouded in fog once again.
In order to get this show on the road I had planned to split the group into 2 parties. One would be touring the Roosevelt Visitor Centre and Cottage while the other would be going on an island tour. Then we would swap. I had done similar tricks before and knew it to work.
Arrival of the boat was set at 9am. At 9.10am they had arrived.
The group was on a tight time line as the boat was to depart Campobello again at 12:30pm. Included in the tour was a 1hr. lunch at the FIRESIDE Restaurant. Lunch sessions have the potential to delay every time schedule, but today it was all working out. A second van from the Roosevelt Park did some shuttling between the park and the restaurant and everyone was back on the boat at 12:40. As I had okayed the schedule I was more than happy. Our team had performed great.

Back home I was ready to relax when the phone rang. It was the Roosevelt Park. A couple from New Hampshire had appeared asking for our tour. I turned around and flew back to the park where I was expected by the said couple. An almost 3hr. tour followed.

Finally back home for the second time the phone started ringing again. This time it was from the U.S.
Another couple was asking for a tour….and could it be Sunday morning?   Absolutely!

It was at that time that Molly came in the door and she had a problem. Something seemed to bother her in her mouth, which she kept halfway open. Investigating the problem, it seemed like something was stuck in her throat and that she was choking. OMG….OMG…Bea grabbed the phone to find a vet on duty, while I was desperately trying to get my fingers in Molly’s mouth. But every time I tried she tried to bite. The poor dog was fighting to get rid of whatever bothered her. By now Bea had found a number to dial and was done with the area code when suddenly a piece of bone appeared on the floor. Molly had managed to rid herself of a short piece which had been stuck across the rear of her mouth. We got it! We got it! And Bea placed the phone back in the cradle and we kinda sank to the floor in pure relief.

2 hours later, we had enjoyed a nice supper with home-grown veggies and a nice pork roast, I was checking my email. And that’s when I found the next 4-persons tour reservation for Sunday afternoon.

I just wish that the previous months would have been that busy, though I might not have gotten around to fix up a few windows and painting our east gable.

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  1. Nice to be busy all the time but you have to be ready when they call and go with the flow.


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