Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Dark Side

Finally the end of September is here, and despite of sunny days we are back to much lower temps. Indeed the last two mornings temps were down to 5C (41F) which causes me to start a wood fire in our stove.
Naturally, sunset is now early at 7:15pm and 40 minutes later it is pitch dark. I have always liked the days of early fall when summer hangs around for a few more daylight  hours. Out here at the coast, some days can get quite windy, then again a totally quiet day comes along.
From time to time I am hanging out in the blackberry patch (not the cell phone…!!) where berries are truly plentiful. On my way home, I am picking a few red apples. Bea has made apple sauce, grape jelly (grapes grown on the island) and blackberry jelly. Yes, it is harvest time.
Yesterday evening was the last “Music and Java” session at “Jocie’s Porch” and many had come to celebrate the end of summer season. Some extra fine musicians performed and it turned out to be one of the best entertainment evenings of the season.

We are still having island visitors around and I am keeping busy going on tours with them.
Another 4 weeks and the Roosevelt Park will close for the season. In fact, the Roosevelt cottage will stay closed for the winter after October 15.


  1. Yes the days are getting shorter very quickly and the night=s much cooler, nut at least not real cold yet.

  2. I'm amazed how rapidly the nights are getting dark so much earlier. I like the facts the temps are cooling down a bit but I do miss the sunhie


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