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Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Finally Arrived And News From Finland

It started to really warm up yesterday afternoon and when I stepped outside at 6:15a this morning the air was like we had been transported right into August.
Our apple trees are finally in full bloom, we just hope that the bees have been notified about it and start doing their job.
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Also this morning my inbox contained an email from Finland. The journalist from Savon Sanomat had located and found my girl friend of 44 years ago. Laila has been married for over 40 years herself and is working as a self-employed accountant in the very same town where she grew up. Liisa, her twin sister, is working at the tax office in town. They still own the rural property at lake Syv√§ri where we visited back in 1969. 

As soon there is an opportunity, maybe next year, I will board a plane to Finland and pay a visit.

And now I have to hurry outside again. One just never knows how long this gorgeous weather is gonna last.

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  1. Yes, Grab that gorgeous weather while it's there !!! I'm still waiting for it here in B.C. It's cold, raining, foggy - I'm going back to bed !!

  2. Enjoy that weather while you can as it can change it a minute!

  3. We had summer like weather back in April but its disappeared for May. Hopefully, June will be better!


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