Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UP The Florida Coast And Through Georgia Into South Carolina

I don’t know why, but I woke up at 4am and there was little desire to put the head back on the pillow. So I cranked up the laptop and started typing some emails, which had piled up.
I was ready to leave at 5:30a and got right out on the road – no coffee, no breakfast. I kept driving until I found an open Walmart. Got some fruit, some rolls, a sandwich, some cheese and something to drink. I had my breakfast, except that cup of coffee I require every morning in order to function.
Florida map
Took a while until i found a Waffle House being open. Only older ladies in there and I ordered my coffee. Then sat in the van, having the sandwich and the coffee. Good olde times!

Daylight had come and I was back on I-95. That was until I saw that big illuminated sign above the highway. Crash on I-95 All lanes blocked!
I stopped at an exit evaluating the situation. Just had no desire to hang in a stand still on I-95 for hours. So I decided to leave the Interstate and try my luck east on Coastal Highway 1. After some criss-crossing through residential areas where early residents were busy raking their lawns and washing their vehicles, regarding my crossing with suspicious eyes, I finally found Hwy 1 and turned north.


Bridge at Titusville

I stayed on the 1 until I reached Titusville, where I stopped for a little while gazing across the water. Out there was Cape Canaveral.
I thought I could see the space ramp across, but wasn’t quite sure. I hoped the day would stay cloudy to prevent excessive heat. Florida driving is kinda going along hundreds of miles of swamp. Already the humidity was taking me down. I just can’t stand it.
These cars just had their last ride.
At a gas gas station I found this offer. Never had an oil change at that price. Beats even Wallymart.
Miles upon miles were running between my wheels until I saw the sign to Savannah, GA.
I always wanted to see this city, but decided against it now as my desire was getting home a.s.a.p. I stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center, where a sizable group of RV’ers were parked. Those must be the last stragglers going home from Florida after the winter.
So i cruised along Savannah and continued through Georgia. The state has a lot of marshes and swamps as well, but the worst humidity was gone. There was time for another cup of coffee at another Waffle House. I was just out of Georgia, when a neon sign caught my attention. A local “SLEEP-IN” (part of the Choice Hotel chain) advertised its rate of just about 50 bucks for a room. It was a pretty new place so I turned the van onto the off-ramp and went around to the hotel. A very nice older lady worked the reception area. While I never get a chat out of those “freshlings” I enjoy what the older generation has to say. It often makes a lot of sense.
When asked what eating place she could recommend (I ask that every time) she told me about a Mexican place just up the road.
When I checked it out the sign said “Los Angeles Mexican Food”. Two older ladies were the only customers. The outside of the place is not promising, which was probably the reason while a nice Mustang just stopped short of the door, then turned around and was gone.
I ordered three Enchiladas and it was a great meal under 10 bucks. If you ever come through here, you’d find it in Hardeeville, SC. The girl running it, is genuinely Mexican. And obviously there is quite the Mexican population around, as patrons or family members kept coming and going while I had my meal there.

I am pretty tired again. It was a solid 12-hr. day ride.

More tomorrow.


  1. I suppose I could get along without coffee in the morning but I don't want too either.

  2. Sounds like you are making goo progress enjoying the roadtrip.

  3. Interesting ride through Florida and up into Georgia. Looking forward to your next day's adventure.


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