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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Sunday In May

Usually I am up around 6am, but today I held out until close to 7am. Molly, sleeping beside of me on her own floor bed had started to make a few noises. A sure sign that she needs to get outside. So here we go again.

A fresh cold breeze outside, call Molly back from the lawn, make some coffee and start looking up emails and blogs.
Today I made the breakfast European style with boiled eggs and a crusty roll for each of us, some cheese and jam.

Slowly it’s sinking in to my mind: It’s Sunday!
Yeah, the sun is out, but it is pretty cold. Wind’s blowing out of the east-south-east. Coming right off the cold waters of the Gulf of Maine.
Is it ever going to warm up?

After breakfast I take Molly out for a real walk. Down the street I meet a neighbour with HIS Yorky-dog. We have a chat like man-to man. I talk about my bout with the RBC-Bank. And he states that they basically refuses to deal with them. Must be quite the place – really!
I also had an email yesterday saying that my email to the President and CEO of Bell Canada was read. But so far no reaction. Guess he is in his roomy cabin by the lake and must mull it over first. After all Canada has its Victoria weekend now. Give him some time into the next week.
1-DSC_0338 1-DSC_0341 1-DSC_0339 1-DSC_0323-001
Since it is pretty cold outside I go upstairs and throw myself into a battle with going through some old stuff in our storage room. There is a need to throw things out, if we are ever going to make something of this room.
I find papers from 10+ years back in time. All the old stuff is piled up high, but since I can’t just throw it into the dumpster I decide to burn it outside in our fire pit. That keeps me busy for a while. And it is a lot warmer by the fire. :-)
After lunch we went for a drive in the Red Lady. Took Bea and Molly down to the southern part of the Roosevelt Park. There is a small winding path along the coast. A few places it offers a view across “The Narrows”.
1-DSC_0344 1-DSC_0336
The International bridge comes into view, and one gets really close to “The Sparkplug”.  The soft light green path is a pure pleasure to walk along. Small wooden bridges cover wet areas. Out here one can find really big old shade-giving trees. Too bad that so few people get to discover these parts of the island.
1-DSC_0362 1-DSC_0363 
Back at home we could enjoy a piece of “Peter’s Apple Cake” of course with real whipped cream! 

Thanks for this hike, Nature!!


  1. It definitely looks like a nice day out even though it's cold. At least the sun is shining and Molly sure looks like she enjoyed being outside.

  2. It's still warm down here in AZ. You just left way too soon. (but to be real honest - it's HOT down here). Molly girl is so pretty. Sounds like you had a good day even with the cold weather.

  3. Beautiful photos of your hike. Molly looks like she really enjoys getting out on those walks.


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