Monday, May 6, 2013

Took A Half Day Trip To The City

After having been across the border to get a few things from the local hardware store and lunch we headed off to St.Stephen where Bea had a routine test done at the hospital. While we were in the city we dropped in at Canadian Tire to get a wiring set which is necessary to install daytime running lights on our Dodge van. While Bea was at the hospital I ran another couple errands. Got a cup of Tim Hortons coffee and it happened in the most funny way. When I had parked the JEEP I saw that another car from Campobello was parked there and as soon as I went through the door the two girls from our neighbourhood were greeting me so the entire place got to witness it. I just intended a cup of coffee but had no Canadian change which is quite normal for me, living on Campobello. So I stuck my bank card in the reader, but somehow it didn’t work. One of the girls grabbed the card gave it back to me and handed over the cash for the coffee to the person behind the counter. I protested but she was already halfway out the door waving Good Buy and enjoy.

Talk about having super nice neighbours!

Next time I meet her on the beach with her Labrador “Bailey” I have to invite her home for coffee.

Finally Bea came out of the hospital and we went home.
Approaching the island, we noticed sea fog out in the east. It became apparent that the fog had already reached the island and had covered most of the southern part. It caused the temperatures which, hadn’t been all that great anyway, to fall even more.
View from the FDR-International Bridge towards the Bay of Fundy

We were quick to get inside and start the furnace. It seems that this year’s spring only happens once in while on a single day.

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  1. We've been having some pretty warm weather around here. I hope it stays that way and the cool weather is gone for this year.

  2. Nice of your neighbour's to spring for a coffee for you.

    Nice pics of the fog out over the water!

  3. Amazing how many nice people there is everywhere.

  4. New follower, here. It'll take me a while to get caught up to know who/where you are. I look forward to reading your posts.


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