Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Rainy Sunday

There wasn’t much going on today. The day started out grey and rainy and that’s how it stayed all day. Reinhold and Jenny had decided to start on their last leg north before they are going to drop off their motor home at Halifax harbour for the RORO shipping back to Germany. Reinhold told us that they have to get their propane tank rinsed INSIDE.  The very same shipping line also works from Baltimore but there is no “rinsing” necessary there. CANADA on it’s best again. And of course, the cleaning operation runs up a bill of 100 bucks.

Speaking of bills and bucks: I asked Reinhold about the price of a propane cylinder. For a German propane cylinder containing 11kg (25LBS) he had to fork over 350 Euros!!!!  That’ll be about $420.00, not including the fill. 

I think we better stop complaining about pricing in this country.

So, around noon our friends were ready to head out. We were waving Good Bye from our porch asking ourselves will we ever see these nice folks again?

Today was also Mother’s Day. And I have spend a lot of thought about my mom who left this world in January 2012. I still have a hard time to understand the fact that she won’t be picking up the phone anymore when I’m calling.

Bea’s brother invited their mother out for coffee to a nice Cafe in Germany. Bea called the Cafe owner who she knows quite well, asking her to give Bea’s greetings when her mom would arrive. But the Cafe owner lady did much more. Sundays are always busy in a German Cafe and there was a chance that they wouldn’t have gotten a table.
But with the call from Canada, she went ahead and put a RESERVED sign on one of the tables. When Bea’s mom arrived with her son, she was greatly surprised by being directed to the reserved table. And, indeed, it was the only one being available. All the other guests had a great time with that as well.

This goes to show once more that the little things often mean more to us than a costly present.


  1. What a nice surprise that must have been for Bea's mother.

  2. I too believe it is the little things that mean so much more.
    Sure was a nice surprise for Bea's mother.

  3. You're right - that was a nice touch for Mother's Day for Bea's Mother.

  4. What a sweet thing for the owner lady to do. Now that's real customer service.


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