Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Warmest Day So Far Brought Out The Bees

Even though spring arrived very late this year it finally happened, and this is the time of the year I enjoy most. Yesterday’s summer-like temperatures even brought out the bees. Our apple  tree out on the front lawn was swarming with busy bees. The air is full of magnificent sweet scents mixing with the rich air from sea and beach.
1-DSC_0199 1-DSC_0203
Like the bees, Bea got busy in the garden. In fact, people were out everywhere. Tourists arrived across the bridge, one could see (and hear) big motorcycles and I’m sure our border station had a busy day as well.
After puttering around the house for a while I took out the “Red Lady” and had me a ride across the island. Stopped by our business partner’s place and did an inspection of the “Island Discovery”, which is still docked up on land. He started the big FORD diesel and it sure sounded like a real ships engine. In a few days this boat will go into the water and be certified by the Coast Guard.
She has become a beautiful vessel.
When I motored over to Herring Cove Beach the engine of the LTD suddenly died. I managed to scoot her over to the shoulder. Opening the big hood didn’t really reveal any obvious problems. I was still standing there brooding, when a little car stopped ahead and out came the library lady. Gosh- did I need to be  rescued by a girl?  Since I couldn’t re-start the LTD I accepted her offer to drive me home to get one of the vans and Bea. I could have walked home, but it wasn’t too tempting in this hot weather. So she turned around and got me home.
Bea and I took the Chevy van and went back with a jumper cable. The battery in the convertible is rather weak and dies after a few starting attempts.
We put in the cable and wow…the LTD started right up again. What had been the problem? I found out that one of the battery clamps was loose.  Driving over our less than perfect island roads must have loosened it.
1-DSC_0211 1-DSC_0216
With this matter solved we got home and it was almost time to start supper. It was the perfect day for a BBQ and we also had a pot of macaronis in the fridge.
The macaronis were made into a nice salad and the pork chops had to be BBQued. Since it was still warm outside we took our dinner on the porch.

Today the weather is quite a bit cooler, though we still have sunshine. As we didn’t had opportunity to go out for our wedding anniversary on May 30 we decided to do that today. So we went across the border for lunch at the Inn on the Wharf in Lubec, Me.
1-DSC_0208 1-DSC_0209
Had us a delicious Haddock Burger here.

1-DSC_0220 1-DSC_0218

We decided to take our dessert in Canada – on the home porch. It was Ice Cream “Heavenly Hash” with a good cup of coffee. Ah…life is good.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Perfect day for a BBQ and ride in the convertible.
    Over the years have had issues with loose battery terminal on various vehicles, always the first thing I check.


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