Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SUNSHINE On My Pillow, Makes Me Happy

Since yesterday the sun is shining over Campobello Island. Makes Peter a happy camper.  Taking advantage of the nice weather I went about putting the lettering on our Dodge Van. Stepping back I think the phone number got big enough or what do you think?
I even clambered up on top of the roof and painted the escape hatch. The plastic had yellowed so much that it wasn’t looking good.
We spent the evening chatting with a group of media reps sent over by Tourism New Brunswick. These people are gonna help us market the island on an International scope.

Organizing a few Fam-Tours from St.Andrews is our next big task.  The boat is about ready to hit the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy. But it still needs to receive certification from the Coast Guard before it can be put into commercial traffic. It will have a capacity of 12 passengers and will go back and forth between the Island and St.Andrews.
While the good weather “was on”, I decided to take a few pictures of the van in different island locations.

I also got some time to read a few blogs today. The one which really caught my interest today was “Jimbo’s Journeys”. Jim is underway in Canada with a bunch of Lazy Daze owners. Yesterday I has been visiting the town of Banff in the Banff National Park. Unfortunately he is experiencing some cold and wet weather in the mountains. The National Parks of Banff and Jasper have been our destinations many times when we lived in Alberta. These two bordering parks are interconnected  through the Icefield Parkway, a 240km  stretch of unsurpassed natural beauty. Two of the biggest natural attractions along that road are the Columbia Icefield and Peyto Lake. We always used to stop there.
Hopefully the Alberta weather will get better so Jim and his friends can really enjoy the area.

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  1. Its all coming together. The van looks great, good luck with the promotions.

  2. The van really does look great. Everything is always better when the sun is out huh.

  3. I can read the numbers so I know they're big enough. Sounds like you're keeping busy and you will be getting busier.

  4. The van looks great - good luck with the tour business.


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