Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stressful Times

While it is still cold I am holding out in my IKEA recliner trying to solve a problem that has been with us over the last few weeks. When we developed our new tourism product “Island Discovery Tours” we also hired a web designer to make up a site for profiling and sales. She worked up a site which was graphically pleasing, but confusing to use for potential customers. She registered the site and received access information. When we demanded changes to the website to make it more usable she walked out on us abandoning the work and never gave out access information, which left us out in the dark. We could not access our own website, had login and no ways to do the necessary changes. After many attempts to contact her I lost my patience and called the registrar of the domain. I supplied them with IDs for company and ownership and they changed access information. But the battle wasn’t over. The website was hosted in a different place. I contacted the hosting company in Utah, but they could not help me. Our former webdesigner had several domaines registered in the same account and by that reason we could not gain access to the account.  I decided to make up a new hosting account at the registering company. After that was done I had to upload the revised website and get the name servers changed ….and much to my frustration the website still showed under the old hosting company’s name. So I called the new host and learned that it takes up to 48hrs. until a new site has “propagated” through the World-Wide-Web. So, if we are exceptionally lucky, we might see our new site coming up on  in a day or two.

Under all this I had to deal with a less than adequate internet connection from Bell Aliant. Oh yes, I received a call from corporate where a lady whom I could hardly hear, talked about that she would “bring on” our problems, but whether I meanwhile would accept $15.00 of the monthly bill???

It ain’t gonna make the problem go away, and I feel it is an insult to the entire island.

I think a lot more action maybe involving our government is required.

Reading other blogs I realize that problems exist also other places. We were quite astounded to find “RV-SUE’s” blog has been taken off the net by the provider.
And Al and kelly over at the Bayfield Bunch are struggling with medical problems. Makes my problems seem tiny and insubstantial. Hope you guys getting better soon.

Thanks for reading my rant of the day!


  1. To bad you aren't closer. My grandson does this for a living. ( and is very good I might add) Hope you get it all figured out soon.

  2. Frustrating to say the least, hope everything works out for you guys soon!

  3. Yes, I had an employer with the same issues. Hired someone to build and maintain our site, then went with someone else. Luckily, he gave the new IT guy the info he needed to continue maintenance. Honestly, you PAID for the work. If I ever hire someone to do that, I want the passwords up front! Hope things work out soon.

  4. Rant away - it's good for the soul !!

  5. Hopefully, the bad part is over and only good stuff will replace it in the future. Stress isn't good for you!

  6. That sounds like a lot of confusing stress you got going on there. Ordinary stress is doable for me but when it comes to technical stress like that website stuff I have to turn it over & let Kelly handle it. I just don't seem to have the smarts or the patience for that anymore.....


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