Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Great Day With Friends

Our friends and fellow travelers Reinhold and Jenny had arrived on Thursday with their beautiful German Motorhome. We moved our vehicles around and made room for them in our driveway. Initially, we had met them in Holtville, California, before they continued their 1-year journey through North America getting all the way to southern Florida. They had lots to tell, so the evening flew by as we seated ourselves in our living room.

Friday started with fog, which isn’t all that unusual out here. We had a slight southern wind hitting the cold air over the Bay of Fundy, and that means fog.
1-DSC_0194 1-DSC_0175 Looking out into the fog

At 11.00 Bea and I went to the Grand Opening of the local village mart. No we didn’t go for any “deals” but to see who had come and how it all went down. Our local Coop has been through a difficult time, as it has been threatened with being put down. But a miracle happened. A new owner couple popped up from the west, and they have done a lot of work to revive the local grocery store. Even the Provincial Government has stepped up to the plate and helped out where it was needed. So for the grand opening the local MLA, our mayor and representatives from Coop Atlantic addressed the public, praising the work this new owner couple has done.
Afterward there was a great reception with food for everyone.
1-DSC_0182 1-DSC_0189
When we got back the fog was about to lift off and we decided to take our friends Reinhold and Jenny from Germany for a sightseeing tour, an excellent opportunity for me to get “the feel” for a new season.

1-DSC_0200       View towards Cobscook Bay
Liberty point was still a bit foggy, but when we got over to Mulholland Lighthouse we had a clear view to the west. One of the nicest viewpoints from the island is Friars Head. Reinhold and Jenny just marveled over the enormous view over to Eastport and far across the Passamaquoddy Bay.
We took a break at home for coffee and ice cream, before we continued our sightseeing program to the north of the island to hike over to the Head Harbour Lightstation. It was low tide at 5.00p and there was plenty of time to explore this jewel of the coast.
1-DSC_0204 1-DSC_0201
At Head Harbour Lightstation

The day concluded with a great rib-eye steak dinner and strawberry dessert.
It is sure fun to hang out with friends enjoying this beautiful island.
1-DSC_0222 1-DSC_0209

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  1. Always fun to meet up with fellow rver's again. Sounds like you had a great day!

  2. You most certainly do live on a beautiful island. Friends and food only add to it. It sounds like you have a great summer ahead of you.

  3. Beautiful photos of the island. I especially like the Lighthouse pic at the end. I imagine your friends were pretty impressed with your tour.

  4. Love your island. It is just so beautiful there. And meeting up with friends for good times just adds to the joy.

  5. It is always good to get together with friends that you have met on the road as we all know. It is really nice you could take them on a tour of the island. Great pics.

  6. I think there is some kind of a bond among the RVers,no matter what,where or how we always get along.
    During our travels we meet again with RV friends and it is just wonderful as it happened with you and your friends.


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