Friday, March 18, 2016

Three Dull Days

Geez, I am going up the walls. I can’t even tolerate 3 days of rain anymore without getting BORED. I mean it’s nice that it hasn’t been snowing, and that is despite the weather forecast saying it should snow, but sitting on my butt all day long is not for me. ACTION is what I crave. 

March 22 2015 Spring had sprung in Edmonton,AB

Usually I am occupying myself with either getting busy in the kitchen (and I did that for a while) or eating what I produced in the kitchen. We have had home-baked cakes, warm lunch, and a variety of desserts over the last three days but there is only so much one can eat, right?
I have set my hopes for tomorrow, maybe, just maybe I can get outside, do some wood chopping or pick up cans and beer bottles left behind along local roads by some thought-and brainless individuals. Can you think of any reason why people would throw empty cans out the car window?
Oh, and if it isn’t getting too cold I could try to get my toolshed cleaned up. That would be a good deed right before the beginning of spring.


  1. I feel for you. I hate being stuck inside too. Rain, rain go away.

  2. Like you I too soon become bored whether trapped in the house by rain, freezing cold temperatures or blistering hot temps. Boredom has always been one of my greatest enemies with the only cure having something to do I like doing or going somewhere I like going.

  3. I'd almost sooner have cold over rain. Can't go freely in and out when it's wet and miserable. It'll warm up soon enough. Hang in there.

  4. All too soon we'll be forced indoors because it is too hot outside. Sure wish we could find that perfect year round weather.


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