Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

A cold icy northern wind hit me as soon as I walked out the door. Would this be the type of weather for Easter? I buried my hands, though gloved, in my pockets. Molly was happily ahead of me scouting out the most convenient spot for doing the early morning business. It would be convenient for me if she found that spot not too far off. I was really dreading a long walk. Well, it turned out we were on the same page this morning. Nuff said about that.
1-Happy Easter
Tomorrow is Easter and my thoughts are going to our families, our friends and further to what this world has come to. The terrible and despicable act of terror in Brussels, the general political movement to the far right in Europe and demagogue evil trolls popping up in public life, makes us worry. There are already clouds of war over Europe. Civil unrest will increase threatening our peaceful live.
easter chicken003 20140716_202440_resized_1
We went just 150ft down the road before we turned back to the house. I filled up our indoor firewood storage and settled in the couch. Though I generally hate to be confined to the house, it gives me a cozy feeling to be in front of our fireplace with my laptop and I am planning to spend some quality time in the kitchen, producing some Easter cake.

And look what Bea did with Easter eggs.


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