Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Foodie Town

After having a good hotel breakfast I was ready for my very own foodie photo safari.
1-20160309_105437”Adonis” was wide open and thanks to the early hour considerably less crowded than yesterday. I can just imagine that living in this city will make you go grocery shopping every day so you have fresh stuff in your kitchen all the time. It also becomes clear that big-city folks must be somewhat disappointed when going shopping in some small country-cow-town where the local grocer has the most sought-after items only.

1-20160309_105447Anyway here I was my camera at the ready prowling along the aisles on the hunt for the most photogenic food items.

Mouth-watering salads…….
Probably my favorite area – the cookies
Just a small portion of available cheese varieties
Aah… the wine collection
The most interesting parts of the store are the dairy and cheese counter, the meat counter, the pastries department and vegetable alley which is flanked by the HUGE fruits area. But it wouldn’t be a French store if they didn’t have a sizable wine collection as well. This store offers indeed food from the whole world for their discriminating customers.

I had a very hard time passing along a lot of this delicious stuff, without filling my cart to the brim.
I was moderate enough to get a small bag of nice rolls, a pack of creamy HAVARTI Cheese, a big Yoghurt and a pal of margarine. all for under 9 Bucks. When people talk to me in French and they notice my blank expression they quickly switch over to English. Problem solved.
Maybe a couple more days and I might gain a pound or two.


  1. It definitely looks like an amazing place to visit and make a few purchases!

  2. Lots of great choices there, I always enjoy exploring new interesting grocery store.


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