Monday, March 28, 2016

He Needs To Be Stopped!

You have probably heard or read this multiple times, but I have come across an account written down by a man attending the Trump rally at Tucson. This person was so appalled over what has been going on there that he wrote it all down in a posting. As a Canadian I am extremely worried about Mr. Trump who is a man of only mediocre intelligence but tries to get into the White House. Why am I so concerned? As a citizen of Canada I will be directly affected as my country will be affected by the outcome of the ongoing US election. The United States have been playing world police and that has not been sitting well with a number of world nations. American politics have a habit of having a huge influx on very important things over the entire world. Terrorism has increased to today’s horrible event level only after the U.S. started to meddle in the Middle East. So it is not only Canada as the US’s biggest trade partner, but also the rest of the world is watching the tragi-comical developments in the U.S.

But I digress. Here’s the story:

Today I went to the Donald Trump rally here in Tucson out of sheer curiosity with three of my friends. The four of us went as neither supporters nor protestors, but merely bystanders. It was one of the scariest and most uncomfortable things we have ever experienced. I saw things that will be forever burned in my memory.
Multitudes of people were thrown out while Trump supporters yelled and booed at them, some with racial slurs, saying "fuck you", "go back to Africa", "go back to Mexico", "get a fucking job", the list goes on and giving them the middle finger. There were fights! Peaceful protesters were punched in the face! Every race was attacked by Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio, and Trump himself. I was right in the middle of the freak show.
And on top of that, it was far from accessible for the disabled. Bernie's rally in Tucson last night had an ENTIRE section reserved for the disabled and two ASL interpreters were provided. But Trump's rally? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Very telling.
My friends and I became so uncomfortable that we left a little early. We were mocked by people as we walked up the stairs through the crowd to leave ("goodbye!", "go back to your mommy and daddy's house", etc). We all are white and did not have a sign or anything to indicate that we weren't Trump's supporters but I think the disgusted look on our faces gave us away.
I have never seen so much hate and ignorance in one room. It was just horrifying.
I am utterly scared shitless of America's and our future.
Please, please, do not vote for this disgusting, vile human being (if you call that scum a human being).
[EDITED TO ADD: Ever since I posted about my simple yet honest experience at the Trump rally here in Tucson, I have received numerous hate messages from his supporters. I have already gotten a death threat. I have been called stupid, loser, idiot, and a liar (even though there are countless photos and videos that substantiate what I wrote). I have been accused of being paid to do this (lol, what?) and of being a Muslim (how is that an insult?). I've had to block numerous harassers already.
I debated taking down the post, then I thought... that's exactly what they want me to do so I won't.
All the name-calling just shows how intelligent (or the lack thereof) and ignorant some of the conservatives are. It also shows that they're unable to effectively communicate as civilized adults. I guess with no logic and education, they have nothing else to turn to.
Trump has created a very toxic atmosphere with an entire army of over-entitled, angry, violent bigots. He needs to be stopped.


  1. I couldn't agree more. All the hate that has been exhibited has alarmed me. I just simply can't understand why he appears to be so popular. To say I find it terrifying would be an under statement
    Elaine in BC Canada.

  2. He doesn't scare me half as much a those who follow the pied piper !!


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