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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our Rich RV-Community

Today I want to write about this greatest of all communities, – the RV-Community. Over many years of traveling by RV we have found RVers to be of the most social people we have ever met. Traveling throughout North America has given us so many friends in many places and many of these folks are traveling throughout the year, which makes for very interesting friendships. Our playground is the entire North-American Continent and in spite of this huge area people keep meeting each other in many different places, some co-incidentally, others traveling with concrete plans for rallies or just meet-ups with friends. As RVers we are the most dedicated group of users of modern communication technology. Many of us are keeping a diary or “blog” as it mostly called today.
Another important part keeping the RV-community alive are the RV-Clubs like the Escapees with their wide-spread membership campgrounds. BDWNewLogoTagA relatively new RV organization is “Boondockers Welcome” which is a network where RV owners meet with property owners who can accommodate RVs on their grounds. We have been lucky enough to be with this organization from the first hour. DSC_0997The numbers of visitors we have been hosting on Campobello Island have gone up every year.
While most of our visitors have been of our own age or even older, last summer we hosted a young family from Michigan. They had started on a year-long adventure through North America. Their blog “
Into The Transporter” is where they write about their experiences. Of course, we gave them a few infos about our own travels and also mentioned the BLM boondocking possibilities in Arizona and Southern California.
After traveling south along the east coast, being in Florida and following the road out west they have now arrived in Holtville at the Hot Springs where they have met up with friends of ours and found that there is a tight-knit  network of RVers out there who love to meet and hang out together. This morning I read their
posting from Holtville. It’s hot out there these days, but they have found Bob and his “Desert Cafe” where “The first cup of coffee is free and the second is the same price”.

Happy Travels!


  1. Yes it is definitely a close knit 'family' group of people alright.

  2. The RV community is definitely a unique one and you never know who you'll cross paths with.

  3. The Rv family just grows more and more everyday, with the nicest people you could ever meet.


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